Last Updated JANUARY 2023

Senoko Power Referral Code 2023

Sign up with UKVGRJJ7 to get ADDITIONAL $30 credits + $10 nanoblock e-voucher
Additional $30 Rebates
Get additional $30 bill rebate off your first electricity bill on top of any other on-going Senoko Power promotions!
FREE $10 nanoblock e-voucher
FREE $10 nanoblock e-voucher in addition to the $30 bill rebate that you will receive.
No Hidden Fees
Security deposit is waived for all residential plans and there are no other hidden fees too.
Guaranteed Savings
Get the most out of your energy supply and enjoy greater savings with Senoko Power with no security deposit or any other hidden fees.

Enjoy cost savings of up to 25% monthly - Sign up now with Senoko Power Referral Code UKVGRJJ7 to enjoy all these benefits!
Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What is the best Senoko Power Referral Code currently?

One of the best Senoko Power Referral code currently is UKVGRJJ7, where you will get $30 Referral Rebates + FREE $10 nanoblock e-voucher on top of any other ongoing Senoko Power Promotion!


❓ What is the best Senoko Power Renewal Promotion currently?

✅ Do remember to use the Senoko Power Referral Code UKVGRJJ7 during the renewal process so that you can get FREE additional $10 nanoblock e-voucher and $30 referral credits on top of any other ongoing Senoko Power Renewal Promotion.


❓ How do i redeem for the FREE $10 nanoblock e-voucher?

✅ Please email nanoblock Singapore with your registered name after signing up with the Senoko Power Referral Code UKVGRJJ7 to redeem the free $10 nanoblock e-voucher.

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